Notes from the Desk – Trip IV

Well what if it’s a parasite? What if there was a time some few thousand years ago when, for some reason, our intelligent (but not sentient) brains were invaded by an energy from somewhere else? An energy, like a spirit, like a memory or a thought, that, disembodied, sought out a host and descended on us? 

Let’s take it back to China and the rest of Asia – the greatest land-mass on earth. Technology, writing, poetry, civilisation as we know it today all started there before it spread. Before the parasite really got a hold and, as its first mission, ensured that all other intelligent species were done away with? There were once many hominid species living together in the balance of the natural world. there has been only one for quite a while now. 

There is also evidence to suggest that there were others like us. Like us in the sense that they sought to understand the world as we do; evidence that they were sentient, that they were destroyed. A long line of evolution is too tidy; too neat. We know that the world is not a tidy and neat place. What if there have been many intelligent species infected by this parasite who have failed, or been destroyed by their host, just as we are likely to be? 

The host, because it is no more than a sentient energy, no more than an idea, can travel through the vastness of space and maybe even skip through time. It is immortal, it is timeless, it is the spirit in us that doesn’t die, it is the ghost, the ufo, the deja-vu. 

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