Notes from the Desk – Trip II

…we know we exist and we know that we know that we exist

If things go the way that I think they’re going to go in the world then maybe it is a good idea to have some form of protection. In the world that I will write about – the world of hill forts, forests and mountain passes, no man would venture anywhere without it. That is reality; the need to protect and survive, to play a part in the whole big balancing act. What we have now in this cosy little existence of ours is complete denial; it is a denial so deep that we can’t even recognise any existence other than the one that we have. Our food is delivered to us neatly packaged, we expect to be safe on the street, we expect for any dangers to be dealt with swiftly and by someone else. in this existence our main concern is entertainment and pleasure. And all the while we’re unaware that this protective bubble in which we live is actually a fist in which we are tightly gripped. 

There’s an argument for it, of course. It is predictable and it offers tangible goals and there is a constant supply of points of comparison so that, even if we feel a bit shit and insignificant, there is always someone worse off than we are. 

Hardly anybody listens to those deep vibrations any more. There is no appetite for stepping out of the box and following urges or instinct. Those who do are pushed to the fringes of society; those who try are castigated, rejected, gas-lighted and made to feel as though their existence is worthless; their ideas wrong; their desire corrupted and…here’s the killer: illegal. 

We make the laws and then tout them as universal fact in the best interests of humanity. And that is a noble claim; a fine aim. But cutting through the layers of some of this, what is the ultimate aim of humanity? Is there one? Survival, at the most fundamental point, must be in there, but that never really crops up. The climate change movement has started pushing on this and using human extinction as a tool in its campaigning. It would be nice to think that this is an actual real concern and not just some roundabout way to create a problem and then sell the solution.  

But survival can only be a part of the aim, surely. It is the natural instinct of every living thing to survive and reproduce. It is a necessary part of the make-up of every living thing and it has worked for millions of years in the brutal but harmonious balance forged unspoken between the countless different interests and needs of countless life-form. 

We have stepped up for a reason. The sentience that we develop from an early age is either a natural progression on the evolutionary timeline, or is has been gifted to us for reasons that we are very far away from coping with at the present time. 

Either way, we know we exist and we know that we know that we exist. We write poetry because we don’t understand why we exist or why we know we exist. 

If we listen to the scientists (there they are again) we are simply the latest product of a timeline that stretches all the way back from single-cell life in the oceans to the cities and smartphones and pollution that we see today. 

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