This is the workshop. Don’t touch anything.

It is critical.

We’re getting further from the edge and as the years tick on we move closer and closer to a central point like moths to an artificial flame and whatever destiny is being prepared for us. We are surrounded by options and we yearn to be creative but are drawn away from the natural progression of our thoughts by bright lights and a growing need for instant satisfaction.

Stretched across these towns and cities, all around our homes and our cars, there’s a bubble and it’s like clingfilm and it wraps up us in our own sense of collective security where we can safely go about or lives and never get our boots muddy or our hair wet. It’s a sense of meaning that has been thrust upon us and where we find self-importance. The little bubbles are consumed and merge with the bigger bubbles like the warm wax in a lava lamp. We could go an entire lifetime never once sticking our little heads outside the bubble. The longer we exist in our bubbles the more distance we put between us and the life that we could be living: a life of fresh air and infinite possibility; of freedom to speak and create.

But there is an edge. There’s always an edge. In every city and every town and every curious mind there is a chance to turn away from the fake light and step into the real light of day. Circles don’t tesselate and as they bump and grind and grow and shrink, these bloated bellies of modern society leave gaps inbetween. If a person’s clever enough, he or she can find the edge of the plastic bubble and slip on out. There’s a whole world waiting and it’s called The Edge.  

Thinner in places than others – at times little more than a narrow ridge. Sometimes broad and stretched as far as the eye can see so that The Edge is the normal. For most of us, though, there’s enough space to get by. Enough room for those of us who want to – the initiated and the curious amongst us – who want to explore a little but not too far from home. 

And beyond the edge… 

Well there’s always a beyond and it’s in there that all sorts of magic is possible. We’ll see how we get along on The Edge first.

Now wash your hands.

Coming Soon:


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